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Dana M. Andrews - Senior Sales Director

I began my business in May of 2007, it was the best decision for my families future that I have ever made. My son Tyler was only 6 months old and I was so tired of missing his firsts in life. I was working in commercial insurance, as I like to call it "the boys club". I was tired of making someone else's dreams come true by working really hard to build "their" business and not mine. 

I really didn't see Mary Kay as a career opportunity until being in the business for several months. As a matter of fact I only got into the business at the request of my husband Luke. You see when Tyler was born I lost myself in being a wife and mother. There was nothing left of me for me. Luckily Luke saw something in me and in the Mary Kay opportunity, for that I will always being grateful. 

Mary Kay has changed my life more than I can ever explain to anyone but the difference in me is obvious if you knew me before. I have become a better wife, mother and friend. Most importantly I have received my salvation! All from the purchase of my starter kit. I wouldn't change that decision for anything in the world! I love my life and all of the amazing people in it.

Offspring Sales Director


Leslie is from Charlotte, NC. She began her Mary Kay business in January 2012.

She debuted as a Sales Director July 1, 2015!

We are so very proud of Leslie and her amazing new unit!

Leslie is a Grand Achiever. Earning her first free car September 2015!

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