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Dana M. Andrews - Senior Sales Director

I began my business in May of 2007, it was the best decision for my families future that I have ever made. My son Tyler was only 6 months old and I was so tired of missing his firsts in life. I was working in commercial insurance, as I like to call it "the boys club". I was tired of making someone else's dreams come true by working really hard to build "their" business and not mine. 

I really didn't see Mary Kay as a career opportunity until being in the business for several months. As a matter of fact I only got into the business at the request of my husband Luke. You see when Tyler was born I lost myself in being a wife and mother. There was nothing left of me for me. Luckily Luke saw something in me and in the Mary Kay opportunity, for that I will always being grateful. 

Mary Kay has changed my life more than I can ever explain to anyone but the difference in me is obvious if you knew me before. I have become a better wife, mother and friend. Most importantly I have received my salvation! All from the purchase of my starter kit. I wouldn't change that decision for anything in the world! I love my life and all of the amazing people in it.

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