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Dana's Big Dreamers


Welcome to our Team!

Welcome! We are SO glad to have you as one of our BIG DREAMERS!

I am looking forward to working with you and helping you grow your business. I am excited to see where the Mary Kay Opportunity will take you!

Wishing you the best and cheering you on to great things!

-Dream Big, Dana

Information You Will Need...

New Consultant Training Videos

Find them on the FAITH Area App!

New Consultant Training Handouts

Helpful Files/Resources

HOSTESS PACKETS To make a hostess packet: Include hostess planner, 10-20 invitations for guests, at least 1 Look Book, and your business card! Hostess Planner and Invites are available on MK Intouch ordering, under Section 2.

Hostess Sheet - Outside Order Sheet

RECRUITING PACKETS -  Include this printed packet as well as team building brochure from the company and a beauty consultant agreement (both available from MK on Section 2).


Fabulous GameMore about Mary Kay Survey

PLACEMAT - Have placemats printed and laminated. Placemat should go under Mirror/Tray at Skin Care Class...back can be used for Marketing - Front features sets that can be purchased at the appointment.

Placemat Front - Placemat Back (What Dana uses at her Personal Parties as the "Show Specials"

CHIC BOUTIQUE CLOSE OUT SHEET - This is the close out sheet which is to be printed and used when you bring guests to events at the studio. Please be sure to have some of these ready to use! 

TRAY INSERTS - Use these tray inserts to make your facials easy and enjoyable! These are the inserts which are used at Inspiration Station. This must be used when you have guests at events. Click here

Click here for Editable Debut Flier